Nottingham’s First Open Mic History Night

On Tuesday 3rd October something special will be happening upstairs in Nottingham’s Malt Cross. It’s the first meeting of Pint with the Past. What’s that? Well, it is what it sounds like – a group of people meeting in a pub over a few drinks (the Malt Cross make amazing hot chocolate if you’re not a drinker) and having a chat about history. As it’s … Continue reading Nottingham’s First Open Mic History Night

Poppies for Passchendaele

  Earlier in July I was in Derby with a spare hour and found myself visiting the Poppies: Weeping Window at Derby Silk Mill. A World War I Centenary Art Commission by Paul Cummins Artist and Tom Piper Designer, the artwork is a haunting indictment of the war and the people who fought and died for their countries (whether they be Allied or German). The … Continue reading Poppies for Passchendaele

Are we not all historians?

William Pooley in his blog joins in on an interesting debate; when it comes to history are we Asking the Wrong Questions? Asking a Western audience to name their top ten (or three or five) historic figures often results in a list of white men, with a couple of infamous women thrown in. When @HistoryExtra asked this question the results included those traditionally (in elitist terms) perceived as the … Continue reading Are we not all historians?